Best Music Downloader Apps For Android And iPhone | Download Free Music On iPhone/Android

Best Music Downloaders: Music is something which has the power to cast a spell on everyone present in this universe. Good music can mend hearts, express feelings which are otherwise cannot be expressed but plain words. It connects with a person’s soul! The music scene has undergone massive development around the world in the last century. The most recent development in it are the music downloader apps.

We often crave for specific genres of music. Sometimes, we get an urge to keep listening to a song again and again as they often get stuck in our mind. And we all know that the only suffice to that craving is proceeding to download that song. Music downloaders help us in that chore. Lately, several music applications have surfaced on the Google, Apple and many third-party app stores which let you download any number of songs as you want!

best mp3 music downloaders for iphone ipad ios for free

Though some of them are free music downloaders, most of the official music downloading apps charge a subscription charge from the user. Do not lose hope guys as there is indeed a silver lining to it. There are several third-party applications which can let you download music for free. Depending upon the weight of your respective wallets, you can make a choice between these applications.

These mp3 music downloaders offer a wide variety of music ranging across several genres. The genres include jazz, hi-hop, soul instrumentals, symphonies, Bollywood, British pop, Indie pop, etc. You can make a choice based on your preferences and device specifications. We have included some of the best music downloader apps for Android as well as for IOS. These apps even offer a selection of the song qualities. You can choose high-definition bit rates or the lower ones before downloading according to your data plans and other preferences.

The list of music downloader apps available for both or either of the two (Android, IOS) is mention below.

Best Music Downloader Apps For Android And iPhone | Download Free Music On iPhone And Android:

  1. Mp3 Music Download Pro:

install Mp3 Music Downloader pro for android iphone ios

This is a free music downloader app. It has a long list of Indie songs to listen and download. The app has a fluid interface and sleek profile. It allows you to download the music legally under a copyleft license. You can even cut the songs to make one of them your phone ringtone. Also, you can download 1-5 songs at a time! It is available for Android and can be downloaded from the following link.

This app works as a music search engine and will not disappoint the music lover in you.

  1. Simple MP3 Downloader:

simpe music downloader for iphone androidSimple MP3 music downloader has a query based music interface. It means that all you have to do is to enter a song’s name in the search bar and voila! The song will appear on your device screen for listening on the app or downloading it.

The user interface is stylishly crafted in black color. It really adds up to this amazing free music downloader’s style appeal.It is also available for Android and can be downloaded from the link given below

  1. Wynk music from Airtel:

wync music downloader for ios iphone and Android - wync mp3 music downloaderThis app was meant for Airtel users only but now others can also download it from the Apple app store and the Google play store.

It has thousands of tracks pertaining to English classical, Bollywood, Instrumentals, and many such genres. They are updated regularly. The tracks can be downloaded whenever you get an access to Internet.

The subscription is free for the Airtel subscribers but the other users will have to shell out a nominal subscription charge. This amazing music downloader app offers ultra high-quality tracks categorized into various categories. The interface is simple yet feels very upmarket. You can even download old tracks of veteran singers across the globe. Everything it offers is fully legal. The app has been a hit with users! Go for it!

  1. Spotify Free Music Downloader:

spotify music appSpotify has won hearts across the globe. It is compatible with your PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone. It offers an ad free interface which makes it one of the best music downloading apps available for Android and IOS devices.

But mind one thing guys, the download feature in Spotify is only available in the premium subscription. Therefore, you will have to shell out some money to download tracks on Spotify. The music offered is of very high quality. The app is glitch free and has built up a name for it across the world. Its library has already run into millions of soundtracks.

  1. 4 Shared Music Downloader:

4 Shared Music downloader for Android apk ios ipa for iphone ipad free download4Shared Music already has more than 15 million registered users on its platform. This free music downloader app works on a sharing basis. It lets you upload your music to its cloud storage. Similarly, you can also access and download the music uploaded by others on the app.

It offers up to 15 GB of cloud storage to every user. The concept is unique and has been love by one too many. As a result of a number of users it has, the uploaded music tracks have moved to millions in number.

It is available for Android users only. And can be downloaded from the following link.

4shared Music

  1. Gaana Music:

gaana music downloader for Android iPhone ios download apk and ipa filesThe app is quite gorgeous and easy to navigate. It’s not entirely free as you have to subscribe to it for downloading any music. The song list includes most of the Bollywood numbers, classical offerings, and popular English music along with many other soulful additions.

Extensive advertising across media has made it a popular option for many users. It lets you download the music in high-definition. You can also scale down the bit rate/quality of the songs to save data. In totality, the app lives up to the hype it has built through its advertising. It is also being constantly updated with new tracks that will satiate your music needs. A great option indeed!

  1. Pandora Music App:

pandora music downloader appPandora app can let you listen to a number of similar songs, artists, melodies, soundtracks, ballads etc. put together at a single location. If you search for a song, it brings together all the similar songs, melodies etc. at a single station. Pandora works like an artificial intelligence and displays the music according to your taste.

Pandora comes with an integrated alarm and snooze button and can play your favorite station to wake you up! It can also display lyrics on your screen. The app comes bundled with an ability to share your choices on social media.

Pandora is free but it does not come with a download option. But you can download many third-party applications like PanDown to download music from it. It’s a well-crafted app that works like an online radio station and has made a user base that runs into millions.

  1. Google play music:

Google play music downloader for iPhone and Android free downloadIt has a very simple user interface that can help you in understanding its functions.The app is a paid music downloader available for both Android and IOS users.

Google Play Music also integrates your personal song library within the app. It actually serves as the icing on the cake as you don’t have to shuffle between your phone library and the app. The sound quality is going better if you subscribe to the premium paid version.

You will need to buy the tracks to get them into your device. The very reasonable and cheap pricing for the songs makes it one of the best-paid music downloaders present on various app stores.

  1. Music Maniac MP3 Downloader:

MUSIC MANIAC MP3 DOWNLOADER for android iphone download apk and ipa files on your mobileThis MP3 downloader only has freely downloadable songs in its kitty. the app has the sufficient number of tracks to keep you hooked to it for a long time. You can download music of all your favorite artists and genres from it.

It’s available for Android users only. Initially, it was present on the Google play store but was taken off due to copyright infringement issues. You can download it from here

It’s already popular with millions of users. The reason for its popularity is that it allows you to search the song you want on the basis of an algorithm. The algorithm connects it to various sites on which the song is present. An amazing offering on this list!

  1. Soundcloud Music App:

SOUNDCLOUD music downloader for Android apk and for iPhone download iPa for iOS - SOUNDCLOUD APPSoundcloud has carved out its own niche among the top music apps. It is available on Android as well as Apple app stores. The user interface is slick and smooth. You can easily move across playlists and your music library. The application is very user-friendly. It allows any artist to upload his/her work on Soundcloud. The audience can choose among novices and the experienced artists. It provides a platform for the artists to showcase their work to the people in an easy way.

You can also share the sounds or songs you like across various social media platforms. But, you will need to pay an amount for many tracks present here. It actually depends on the uploader if he wants to make his work available for free or not. If he desires it, you will have to pay. In a way, it offers every artist the true worth of his work. Hence, it’s one of the paid music downloader apps but is definitely worth the bucks.

  1. Deezer Music app:

Deezer music downloader for iOS iPhone and iPad - install deezer music downloader apk for AndroidDeezer app has secured a place among one of the best music apps present on the Google and Apple play stores. It offers ultra-high-definition song quality in its elite paid version. SONOS Speaker compatibility is included for ultra high definition sound output. But you will need to purchase SONOS speakers separately to listen to it.

More than 32 million tracks are present in its library. It boasts of superbly curated playlists, podcasts, an artist based customized playlists, the separate listing of your downloaded songs etc.

The downloads are free but you will have to shell out money to upgrade the sound quality in this app.

  1. Tubemate downloader:

Tubemate music downloader app for iPhone and Android free download tubemate pro versionTubemate allows you to download various audio and video files from the internet. You just need to copy the URL of the desired video or audio file into its download bar. It also offers the download in a number of download qualities. You can choose the quality depending upon the specifications of your Android or Apple device.

It is a totally free music downloader app.That sums up our list of the best music downloader applications available on Android and Apple app stores. All of them have got their own characteristic pros and cons. You can make an informed choice based on our list.

Best Music Download Sites To Get Free Music On Android And iPhone Legally:

Now, we are listing some of the best websites to download MP3 songs on your devices. Go through the list and make the best choice for you. We are sure that you will love all of them!

  1. MP3 – Free Music Downloader Website:

This one has the most user-friendly interface than any other music website you can find on the internet. It allows you to search for any artist, song, audio album or discography on its homepage. All you have to do is to enter the name of the song or the artist in its search bar. Plus it automatically brings up the related links to your search in the front of your eyes.

It has got millions of tracks in its bag of music links which are available for download. It also gives you an option to select the bit rates (song quality) according to your data plan. Lesser bit rates mean a standard quality and lower data consumption.

Therefore this site is an amazing source to fulfill your MP3 download needs.


We have already talked about it in the app section. Even the Soundcloud website is as good as its application counterpart. It can let you upload your own original music on this website and share it on social media. It’s a unique feature and provides a vent for struggling artists. Also, it broadens up your choices for a variety of songs. However, you will have to shell out some money to avail the download services.

Apart from the download option, it has the following features

  • Highly unique and refined genres to choose from like Dubstep, Ambient, Ethnic, Country etc.
  • No advertisements.
  • Podcasts can be heard too!
  • Customized playlists.
  • Gorgeous interface.

It appears very basic but has an extensive music library. You can find and download music from various genres like rock, jazz, electronic, guitar, instrumentals etc. this is totally free. Slowly, it is turning out to be a favorite among the music lovers for downloading global tracks.

You can find all the songs in different qualities on this site. You can make a choice according to your will in terms of the music quality you want!

It was launched in 2009 and has come a long way ever since its inception.

Try it once guys!


It is one of the top free MP3 download sites present on the internet. It allows the user to choose from a number of categories to instantly locate their song choices. Apart from that, it has an integrated search option to download any song you want on your device/ PC.

Categories like TOP 100 SONGS, INDIAN SONGS, ENGLISH MUSIC, PUNJABI SONGS, makes the search a little easier.

Apart from that it also has a separate movie section for downloading videos/movies too!


When it comes to the number of songs and videos, no website can beat YouTube. It has the largest number of songs than any other website. You will just need to install a YouTube downloader on your computer or mobile device to download MP3 songs or music videos from

While downloading, you get to choose the quality of the song you want which makes it a great site to download music. There is a chance that you may find most of the songs ever uploaded on the internet on this website. So without much ado, go for it guys.

  1. Amazon prime music

You will need to pay for the Amazon prime subscription for downloading music albums/songs from this website. It offers legal and high-quality music to the music lovers. The website interface is very upmarket and may appeal to every person due to its simplistic built-up.


It has separately listed the current most popular songs on the internet on its homepage. Hence, it makes the task of finding your favorite songs a tad easier than many other sites offering song downloading facility. It may fulfill all your music needs.


This site offers a very lively interface to its users. You can download as well as listen to music for free on this website. Since all the music it currently offers is in a legal way, it has become one of the preferable sites for many users.

These sites have been compiled after an extensive research on their features and their popularity among the people. Now you have some of the best options for music apps and websites to download any song you like. make the best use of this information and spread the word.

Thank you, guys!

Do tell us about your experience in the comments section!